Behind the Bid tells the tale of Enid Ma's journey to the top of the elite and secretive auction world, despite being weighed down with baggage that is not bespoke exotic leather.

Behind the Bid opens a door to the secretive world, where class identity determines the rules. Outsider protagonist Enid is desperate to gain a foothold in this world of glitz and glamour as a graduate intern in an international auction house. Influenced by social media and suffering from It girl envy, Enid believes she will do anything it takes, from dating clients to using friendships. Along the way, she learns about the kind of person she really is and who she wants to become.


Li-En Chong


Meet Li-En


Born in Kuala Lumpur, educated in England and New York, Li-En has worked in Singapore and Hong Kong and now calls New York home. With an educational background in art history and philanthropy management, Li-En has a deep-rooted passion for culture and her career has spanned the wide spectrum of the art world from curating at museums to fielding bids for record-breaking auction lots. Li-En is involved in the AAPI non-profit-space and has worked as an art consultant for the Asian Cultural Council; Assistant Development Manager at Asia Society Museum; and is a co-founder of The Yellow Whistle campaign against AAPI hate,

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